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Green housing possibly emerging in Flagler Estates? Here's why. E-mail
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Written by FlaglerEstates.com   
Flagler Estates Sustainable LivingOver the past year we  at FlaglerEstates.com have received several emails and phone calls from people interested in environment friendly and energy efficient housing. The interest ranged from people asking if there is a builder specializing in such construction to several buyers actually looking for lots to build homes using sustainable construction techniques. One of the recent recent FE forum posts: Goldmine in your backyard appears to have also sparked some interest in gardening. From all the conversations I could summarize the following reasons why Flagler Estates is considered as a good candidate for green homes:
  • 1. Large lots. Folks interested in environmentally friendly homes are, by no surprise, also interested in growing their own food with the least use of pesticides and fertilizers. Flagler Estate's minimum lot size of 1.25 acres is usually more than enough to accommodate a small garden to feed the entire family.
  • 2. Low population density = clean air and no traffic. 
  • 3. Proximity to the beach and St Augustine - NE Florida's melting pot for green living (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Augustine,_Florida). Did you know that St Augustine, FL -- a city with less than 15,000 in population has more vegetarian cafes than any other city in NE Florida? With vegan and raw food eateries like Present Moment Cafe, Manatee Cafe, Stir it Up, New Dawn, and Blue Planet the nation's oldest city is leading the way in healthy food trends. Flagler Estates is rural yet within 20 minutes from the vibrant life St Augustine has to offer.
  • 4. Low per acre land prices. Flagler Estates might be one of the least expensive places within 20 miles to the beach. According to some real estate professionals, there is no other place on US East or West Coast within 20 miles to the beach that has the abundance of subdivided acre lots with roads, power, and drainage system in place and with land prices between $20,000 - $30,000 per acre. Sure one can find large acreages with competitive per acre prices, but by the time the land is subdivided, rezoned, and road with drainage constructed the cost per acre skyrockets. 

    To help the trend, we are offering complimentary advertising opportunity to any local business specializing in green living, be it a construction company, green materials supplier, or a gardener. Contact us for details.

    View St Augustine Area Appraisal Services specializing in green homes.

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