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Letter: Supports the extension of County Road 305 E-mail
News - Flagler Estates
Written by Susan Dykstra   
Susan Dykstra
Publication Date: 11/18/07 in St Augustine Record
Editor: I'd like to voice my adamant support for the proposed County Road 305 Extension south of the intersection with State Road 206. This extension will allow more efficient access for Flagler Estates, our nearby communities of Silver Hill and Hastings proper. It will facilitate our St. Johns County emergency vehicles, including fire, ambulance and sheriff's department to react quicker. It will not only save time, fuel and energy for private citizens but also for the county school buses. Our area is one of the last great open frontiers of St. Johns County. We know progress is coming. With the proper planning and installation of the C.R. 305 Extension, we may actually place the horse before the cart. In other terms, let's install and develop this extension before development encroaches this area and creates more traffic, congestion, and less availability of land.

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