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Quick Real Estate Sale to NowMoves, Inc. a land development company

If youwould like to sell your property in Flagler Estates, St Augustine orany part of St. Johns or surrounding counties in NE Florida quickly,we may be able to help. To receive a quoteby email or phone, simply fill out all applicable information in theform below and we will get back to you shortly. Closing can takeplace in as quickly as 7-14 days even if you are not in the area.You may also call us at 904-4687-1983.

Fact #1:

It is customary that in Florida SELLERS pay most ofthe closing costs.

Fact #2:

Closing costs can be very expensive, at timesmore than 20% of the selling price on lower priced lots (because of some of the fixedcharges), plus survey along can take up to a month to complete (SALEPRICE IN THIS TABLE IS FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY AND DOES NOT REPRESENTOUR OFFER):

Item Amount Totals Share
Sale  price    $12,000.00 100%
Expenses paid by the seller      
Real estate commission (10%) 1200    
Abstract of title 75.00    
Doc. Preparation 150.00    
Survey (1.25 acres) 425.00    
Title insurance 250.00    
Documentary stamp tax on deed 84.00    
Deed recording (paid by buyer) 0.00    
Tax proration (split between parties) 150.00    
Less: total closing costs    $2334.00 19%
Balance due seller:    $9666.00 81%

So, for you to net $12,000 from the sale based onthe example above, you will likely have to sell the property forover $14,500. Please note that all figures above are estimates only.

Fact #3

We can agree to pay ALL of the closing costs, so youcan disregard the table above. PLUS, we take the property "as is,"subject to any possible wetlands or other problems common inFlorida.

Please do not hesitate to contact us withany questions.

About Us

We are not realtors and we do not chargecommissions! We acquire land, residential or commercial buildingsprimarily for new development, construction or renovation. We will try tooffer realistic price for your property, given today's marketconditionsand property location. Please do not fill out the form if you are only seeking high offers close to the market price--your best bet is to advertise by owner or through a realtor. Given current market conditions our offered price will be substantially lower than the asking prices you see on this website and the MLS.

Key Benefits:


No commission or closing costs


Fast closing


Minimum expenses, we pay for surveys and most otherclosing costs.


Less hassle


We deal with:
Wetlands, title problems, back taxes or other liens andforeclosures.


We have streamlined the process of requesting a quote for an environmental survey for lots in Flagler Estates and the surrounding areas.
Please fill out the form, hit submit, and someone will be in touch shortly.

You may reach Environmental Services, Inc. at:
2825 Lewis Speedway, Suite 107
St. Augustine, Florida 32084
(904) 824-5494 - Office
(904) 824-8364 - Fax

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