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Development Around Flagler Estates, Hastings, St Augustine, Palm Coast, Palatka and Elkton, Florida

Coming on the St. Johns county line: 5,000 homes E-mail
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Written by PETER GUINTA   

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Publication Date: 12/09/07
A Jacksonville Beach developer plans to apply for permission to build 5,000 new homes on the St. Johns County line near the headwaters of Pellicer Creek.
This project, called Old Brick Township, also will have 150,000 square feet of retail and industrial space plus a one million square-foot industrial park.
The landowner, Wilson Green LLC, has filed a pre-application for this new development of regional impact. The pre-application typically leads to a meeting with all interested parties participating, such as county and regional planners and environmental groups.
Old Brick Road will consist of five villages on 5,216 acres that will wrap around the southeastern corner of St. Johns County, the application said.
No major roads touch the property yet. It sits southeast of County Road 13 and west of Palm Coast. It can be reached at present only by Old Brick Road, which forms its western boundary after branching south off State Road 204 and ending at State Road 100.

Counties to discuss Mariposa E-mail
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Content - Developments Around The Area
Written by Marcia Lane   

Impact of housing development will be talked about today
Marcia Lane
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Publication Date: 09/13/07
St. Johns and Putnam county administrators and staff meet at 1 p.m. today to discuss the expected impacts of a planned mega-development on the Putnam side of the county line.
Mariposa is planned as a Development of Regional Impact, but St. Johns officials contend Putnam has gone forward without taking into account concerns raised by other governing bodies, including St. Johns County. Putnam officials say St. Johns never raised any objections.
On Monday night, Hastings Town Commission voted to join St. Johns County in raising objections, including the proposed six-laning of State Road 207 to serve the development. That, commissioners say, could be the death blow to the town's businesses, which are just recovering from the four-laning of the road.
St. Johns and Hastings say, if the development goes in, they'll have to face the impact but won't be getting any benefits, such as taxes.

Mariposa: End of a way of life? E-mail
Content - Developments Around The Area

Putnam development stirs controversy
The Times-Union
Publication Date: 07/03/07
EAST PALATKA -- Out a road called Cracker Swamp, tree limbs that reach over a length of still, brown canal are just as likely to sway from the pressure of a combine as a passing pickup truck.
Remote even by Putnam County standards, there are still parts of old Florida there. Farmers are out early on their tractors; children spend the summer on wide wooden porches.
But in a place where it seems as though almost nothing has changed any time recently, a development unlike anything Putnam County has seen before is on the way.
Hailed by some as the county's future and others as a desecration of its past, Mariposa would put 3,230 houses as well as hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail, office and business park space on 2,025 acres of land, nearly half of which would be held for conservation.
If the development continues to get the nod, it could have its first round of needed permits by the end of the summer, with building continuing past 2020.
Mariposa has been the target of criticism from its neighbors -- ranging from family farmers who maintain the development will "tear the heart out of" the region's agriculture to a St. Johns county commissioner who said he believes negative impact from the growth will overspill Putnam County's borders.


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