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 Flagler Estates Homes
 Outlying Areas Homes
St Augustine, Hastings, Palatka, Palm Coast, Elkton, etc

 Unit 1 lots
Unit 1 is the Eastern section of Flagler Estates, closest to the main entrance
 Unit 2 lots
Western section of Flagler Estates, closer to Hastings and Palatka
 Unit 3 lots
Unit 3 lots are in the middle of Flagler Estates and include both, interior and canal-front parcels.
 Units 4-5 (Flagler County side)
 Outlying Areas Lots and Acreage
St Augustine, Hastings, Palatka, Palm Coast, Elkton, etc

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NOTES: There are no deed restrictions in Flagler Estates and it is horse and pet-friendly subdivision.
Association fee ranges from $150-200 per lot, per year, depending on lot size, and covers road and drainage maintenance. It is paid as part of the taxes each year. All lots have power, but require well & septic. There are no time frame restrictions on building. Many lots are on unpaved but maintained roads. Large pavement projects are under way and will not require any additional fees from lot owners. Lots are zoned open rural (OR), which allows all residential uses and even a home based business. For exact lot locations and dimensions please consider purchasing a plat map by clicking here.
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