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Author Topic: 4 wheeler's  (Read 1305 times)
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« on: April 19, 2008, 08:42:32 AM »

I had thought that 4 wheelers werent allowed on public streets here in FE. We have to put up with our neigborhood " Drunk " over on Calvin ( who I like to refer to as the " Idiot" )who like's to wake us up at 2:30am on a Saturday morning with his 4 wheeler lights shining into our bedroom windows as he is doing doughnuts in the front of our driveway then going out after the sun comes up and cleaning up the glass where he has broken his beer bottles . I have no problem with the kids and family's who use the 4 wheelers when they ride decently. Personally it looks like fun . But to have to put up with the few who have no brains is just a pain in the butt. I really get tired of having to go out and rake the road and try and clear up the ruts that they dig up where I have to drive. Oh just venting I guess !
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Have you seen the red race car, driving around doing his thing, Probably 700 hp, doing burn outs half mile at a time down Nancy street  and the surrounding streets I thought he was gonna wreck in my ditch, long as he dosn't dosen't hit my fence. Yes there is an abundance of people around that aren't willing to be decent to other people... The cops with there week attitude aren't getting much done...
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